Life in this wondrous universe is the most complex and multi-faceted arrangement that we can fathom. Everything can be viewed differently and logically based on an unlimited number of perspectives. Life itself is as unlimited as the imagination. Living can be an arduous process, full of toil, hardship, and labor; or it can be joyous, beautiful, and full of excitement. Most of our lives sit somewhere in the middle, with a balance of struggle and newfound glory, ebbing and flowing with the dance of the great universe. Sometimes, we find ourselves washed up against the rocky shores of life. We try to get up, but we are met by another wave that crashes us into a seemingly growing despair. Despite the doom and gloom of life that visits us as one side of the same coin, there are a number of self-evident truths that you can rely upon. These truths will help you navigate the rocks with agility, skill, and the vital recognition that you are exactly where you need to be, learning exactly what you need to learn. These truths are:
–We Create the Life that We Think We Deserve
-We Experience Hardship when We Need to Learn Something
-We Shape Our World with Every Decision that We Make
Let’s take a closer look at this dynamic trio and make the decision to embrace life to its fullest.

We Create the Life We Think We Deserve
The world we see is not so much as it appears to be. It is instead, what we think we are. Oprah Winfrey put it best when she said; “we are constantly telling people how to treat us.” When we value, respect, and love ourselves; we do not tolerate abuse. We expect respect. We expect a good job. We expect ourselves to perform well. We expect people to like us. We expect a good wage. We tell people constantly what we are worth. And most of the time, people see us as we see ourselves. If we love ourselves, and we are subjected to abuse, we will defend ourselves, end relationships, leave jobs, and have the trust in ourselves, necessary to create the good vibes that we deserve in our lives. What you think you are, will determine your world. Do you deserve respect? Do you deserve kindness? Do you deserve to be confident, and to live a good life? Learn to answer yes to these, and transform the world you live in. Yes, it will be hard, but it is the only thing worth living for.

We Experience Hardship When We Have Something to Learn
Difficulties arise when we are not flowing with the universe. This means that we have options for happiness, that we don’t see. This causes difficulty. Those options may be:
-Asking for help
-Learning to respect others
-Learning who you truly are
-Learning what you really want
-Learning to grow and take chances
-Learning to live fuller in all aspects of your life

These are all painful conflicts. But difficulty always has a brighter life on the other side of it. A life that is better than the one you are currently living. A more absolute and actualized you! Every difficulty offers a reward. And, we are always growing, so there will always be trials. A course in Miracles refers to someone who approaches difficulty with a positive attitude as a “Happy Learner.” A happy learner notices difficulty, and asks; “What can I change about myself, to learn this lesson and accept ease, happiness, and joy into my life.” The happy learner knows that it is not the world that causes us pain, but only our limited selves.

We Shape Our World With Every Decision We Make
There are four fundamental types of health. Spiritual, Physical, Mental, and Financial. Spiritual health is a strong reflection of love, joy, and connection. Physical health is the wellness of the body, its organs, and its functions. Mental health is the stability, acuity, clarity, and understanding of the mental faculties. Financial health is the ability to handle, save, organize, and plan finances. Creating health in these areas takes focus and awareness. We all have some good habits and some bad habits. Some people have more good habits than others. When we choose to build good habits and release bad habits, we are paving the path to a brighter future for ourselves. Every healthy decision you make guarantees a brighter and more capable “You.”

Isn’t it easy to see how much of life is in our hands!? So often we feel that we are the victims of the world, when in fact, we are its Creators! These are three solid reasons to embrace your life and live it to the fullest. No good thing is born free of discipline and struggle; but as we said before, there is nothing else worth living for. Be healthy, Love yourself, take your decisions seriously, and embrace life.